Where are you located?

Leongatha in South Gippsland

Do you have a studio, if so where?

Yes! I hold all my newborn sessions and also offer maternity and sitter sessions in my studio. It’s actually the out the back of my house, that I have created a beautiful space. I love it and have tried to make it comfortable and easy to use. I sanitise and launder everything that gets used during a session in order to maintain hygiene and have everything needed in terms of props, wraps and outfits.


Do you travel?

Yes! I offer maternity and family sessions in certain areas of South Gippsland/Bass Coast. I also travel to Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne. These locations do however have a travel fee. If there's a special request (especially for weddings) on a certain location that's quite far away, I'm definitely able to travel! Just contact me and let me know what you're looking for. 

Why do you love photography at sunset?

This is called ‘golden hour’ and it’s simply because the light is so soft and golden right before the sun sets. It casts beautiful creamy tones rather than harsh white light, and is much more suited to portrait photography and making you look your best!


What if my kids don’t cooperate, especially when the session is past their bed time?

I completely understand your concern. But this is the part where you need to trust me and just go with it. Photography sessions are so different than what you may have thought, and you might even go as far as saying they’re actually fun! I’m a School Teacher as well, so working with children is something I'm used to. I let them be silly and enjoy themselves. I encourage you to play with them, cuddle them, and just show them how much you love them.


What if the weather turns and the session can’t go ahead?

I’ll always touch base with you if the weather forecast isn’t favourable. Sometimes it clears later in the day, but in the case of having to postpone, we will just reschedule to another date that suits.


My kids are sick, what do we do?

If either you, your partner or your children are unwell and you cannot attend your session, we will reschedule to another week once everyone is healthy and well. Especially since Covid, it is very important to stay home if you are feeling unwell, and to let me know.


We just had our session, when can we expect to receive our gallery?

My turnaround times are generally about 4 weeks. However, during my busy season and when I’m fully booked, it may take between 4-6 weeks to be delivered. I try my hardest to always get them out sooner than this, obviously.


How long do your sessions go for?

This varies for each session. Sunset sessions go for around an hour, sometimes a little longer once we’ve met and walked to the desired location etc. Studio sessions for newborns are booked for 1.5-2 hours and are scheduled on weekends where possible.


Do we get unedited images or can we choose which ones are in our gallery?

No. Offering my unedited images is giving you only half of my product. I have a high standard that each image must meet, and if it does not meet that criteria, it is removed. If there’s more images I love and know you will like, I will include them.


We are so awkward posing for photos. Does that matter?

Not a problem at all! There’s no such thing in my books. My style is a mix of lifestyle and posed. So you’ll hear me giving you explicit instructions but other times I’ll give you a prompt or something to do that will give us those candid, cute moments that just happen.