Top 5 Tips for Unforgettable Family Photo Shoots

A family photo shoot can be one of the best ways to create lasting memories and to serve as a constant reminder of joy and love within your home. Although it only takes a fraction of a second to snap a photo, you should endeavour to plan and prepare for the photo shoot well in advance so that you and your family are satisfied with the result.

Below are a few quick tips on how to prepare for a family photo shoot:

Location, Location, Location

Your choice of location is perhaps one of the most important considerations for your family photo shoot. Naturally, you should opt for a place that is aesthetically pleasing (if you intend to use it as a background) or at least neutral (if you don’t want any background).

There are two general ways of going about this. The first is to choose a thematic location, such as a farm or by the ocean; the second, and often the best and most personalised, is to choose a location that is meaningful to your family.

Plan Your Family Attire

When getting just your own photo taken, depending on the context you may simply dress up in a suit or simply wear casual attire. With family, however, there’s a huge opportunity to wear coordinating or contrasting colours, wear clothing that fits a theme (e.g. farming), or purposely dress everyone in their favourite outfits that best showcase their individuality.

Whenever possible, try to also choose comfortable clothing. Photo shoots can take an hour or longer and may have you standing or sitting in poses for longer than you might like, so having comfortable clothing is essential for making the experience better.

Tell a Story

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and there’s no reason why your family photos shouldn’t be able to tell their own stories. Even though a family photo is static and still, it can feel dynamic and exude motion and action through the setting, poses, attire, etc.

Keep in mind that people tend to be more relaxed and engaged when doing activities they sincerely enjoy, and this in turn can create a true sense of spontaneity that leads to genuine family photos rather than photos that feel rehearsed and choreographed.

Tying together the previous few points, this means that your photos can greatly benefit from a themed activity such as a family picnic or backyard barbecue, or through clever use of these elements for an outdoor photo in a garden or by the beach, for example.

Props & Accessories

Props and accessories are certainly optional, and there are many types of family photo shoots where you may not want any at all. Having said that, the clever use of props such as your child’s favourite toy or even furniture can drastically affect the impact of your family photo.

To use the example once again of a farming-themed family photo shoot, a couple bales of hay as seating or a pitchfork can add authenticity. Another good example is of course a family picnic, where the actual picnic basket and food can help bring your family photos a real genuine touch.

Choose a Professional Photographer

Looking after all of the above considerations can be time-consuming, but it’s time well spent if you are actively planning on how to get the most from your family photo shoot.

One of the most important considerations, however, is choosing a reputable professional photographer. No matter how well you may nail down the finer details, matters such as optimal lighting, angles, perspective, and framing are best left in the capable hands of a photographer such as Kate Lafferty Photography.

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