​Keegan was raised in a small couuntry town inland of Brisbane where he spent half his childhood. He then moved to Cairns, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and different wildlife his whole life. 

At 17 he joined the Army  which seen him move around and exploring lots of new places in Australia and abroad for the next 5 years. After leaving the military he then worked in an Iron Ore mine in Western Australia for 2 years.

It wasn't until he moved to the UK for a further 2 years that he found his passion for photography, introduced to his first camera from his boss which was a panasonic FZ200. Having grown up and moved to many different areas of Australia and the world one thing remained constent, He was surrounded by beautiful locations and a broad range of wildlife. 

Keegan didn't start taking Photography seriously until he got ahold of his older sisters Nikon D7100 at the end of 2016. After much deliberation he decided to purchase his own DSLR and opted for the Nikon D610. To combine his love for Landscape and Wildlife photography he had no choice but to also purchase a wide angle lens along with a telephoto zoom.  
The rest is history!

Please enjoy all the images, all wildlife photos are taken in the wild and not captivity.